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snatch 119 LP SLANDER TONGUE Berlin rollers album no. II
snatch 118 LP
S.U.G.A.R. Berlin nitwits album no. II

snatch 117 LP FRUIT TONES garage rocknroll party
snatch 116 LP
MORAL PANIC brooklyn rawk

snatch 114 LP
NEW BRUTARIANS glam-punk blockbuster

snatch 113 LP
SWEET REAPER sweeping up the streets of Black Widow Island
snatch 112 EP
ALVILDA sharpie paris power pop
snatch 111 EP
SWEET REAPER micro-dose power pop poison
snatch 110 LP
BATTLEBEATS search & destroy garage punk
snatch 108 LP
SWEET REAPER black widow sidekicks
snatch 109 LP
S.U.G.A.R. Berlin good-for-nothings no. I
snatch 108 LP
snatch 106 LP
SWEET REAPER devilish tomb-pop
snatch 102 LP
SPEEDWAYS power pop heaven
snatch 102 LP COCKTAILS us power pop joyride
snatch 103 LP
DANGEREENS junkshop glam Beelzebubs
snatch 102 LP
OUTTACONTROLLER punk power pop megapills
snatch 101 LP
EERIE FAMILY gloom pop supernova
snatch 100 10
PHONE JERKS budget rawk inferno
snatch 099 LP
TV CRIME power pop bricks

snatch 098 LP ZERODENT buzzing cage anxiety
snatch 097 LP REAL TEARS underton-y shivery punk rock pills
snatch 096 LP
GLOW KIT danish garage pop gems
snatch 095 LP
PRIMITIVE HANDS mammoth garage punk
snatch 094 LP
MORAL PANIC killer punk
snatch 093 LP
BIKES berlin parking lot stallions
snatch 092 LP
PALE LIPS brats with daggers
snatch 091 LP
CATCH AS CAN CAN ramshackl revved-up kraut 60´s gumball punk show
snatch 090 LP ZERODENT Apocalyptic reign of bash´n´pop dystopia
snatch 089 LP PHONE JERKS budget rock degenerates
snatch 088 LP
LAME death cult post punk
snatch 087 45 PRIMITIVE HANDS heart rippers
snatch 085 LP
PRIMITIVE HANDS montreal kbd punk
snatch 084 LP
FREAK GENES witty, gritty adrenaline pop savage bar rock
snatch 083 LP COCKTAILS rollercoaster power pop
snatch 082 LP
SUSHICORNER The hurdy-gurdy broke loose!
snatch 081 LP
snatch 080 LP
snatch 079 LP
BIKES rollswagen rock
snatch 078 LP
LOST BALLOONS fab debut album of Jeff Burke/Yusuke Okada

snatch 077 45 IMPO & THE TENTS four more power pop punk nuggets
snatch 076 LP SUSPICIOUS BEASTS 3rd album garage psych crazyness
snatch 075 LP/CD
BARRERACUDAS atlanta punk
snatch 074 LP/CD
HEX DISPENSERS hypnotic tentacles punk
snatch 073 LP
LAME lonely ballads & country sickness
snatch 072 45 BIKES leather parrots 60´s dirt
snatch 071 LP
snatch 070 45
BRAIN TRAPS Teen Trash Series heros
snatch 069 LP
THEE MARVIN GAYS nightmare garage pop
snatch 068 LP
IMPO & THE TENTS thrift-store power pop
snatch 067 LP
ZHOD LA skater-orphans kraut sultans
snatch 066 2LP/2CD
TESTORS NYC 1976-1979 punkrock top ten!
snatch 065 LP BAD SPORTS down under punk ny 70s blitzkrieg
snatch 063 LP SUSPICIOUS BEASTS their debut!
snatch 063 45 #1s No.1 powerpop ireland
snatch 062 45 RADIOACTIVITY hyperactivity pop debut 45
snatch 061 45
ZHOD zentralheizung of death
snatch 060 LP
SUSPICIOUS BEASTS tokyo garage to the moon
snatch 059 45 PROTOKIDS power-pop-paris
snatch 058 45
TYRED EYES pistols at dawn!
snatch 057 LP
GOLDEN BOYS dirty fingenails & bloody pants
snatch 056 LP/CD
LOVE BOAT teen r&b toilet pop from these nautical no-goodniks
snatch 055 LP/CD
KIDNAPPERS Will Protect You! Powerhouse Pop
snatch 054 LP/CD
WHEELS ON FIRE power pop from land of the haunted house
snatch 053 LP/CD
VERMILLION SANDS girl subterrenia psycho trail americana implosion
snatch 052 LP/CD
GOLDEN BOYS do the electric wolfman!
snatch 051 LP/CD
HEX DISPENSERS frenetic dark wave bat blood pop
snatch 050 LP GRUESOMES Tyrants of trash Cave-in!
snatch 049 LP GOLDEN BOYS raunch hootenany country garage folk
snatch 048 LP/CD
LOVE BOAT teenage fireball r & b garage pop
snatch 047 45
HEX DISPENSERS "my love is a bat" tour 45!

snatch 046 LP MOJOMATICS don´t pretend that you know them
snatch 045 LP
HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE death to false mongos
snatch 044 LP
TURPENTINE BROTHERS wall of sound crushing on you like a blizzard

snatch 043 LP
RIFF RANDELLS canadian girl pop rock buzz!
snatch 042 LP/CD
HEX DISPENSERS haunted contaminated 70´s powerpop
snatch 041 CD DEMONICS Hot Rod Pussy!! Their 21-Song Singles & Rarities & "Best-Of" Comp
snatch 040 LP BEATBEATBEAT sick, savage songs from the white hot criminal underbelly of Atlanta.
snatch 039 LP/CD MOJOMATICS songs for faraway lovers
snatch 038 45 GHETTO WAYS limited free love 2006 tour Single
snatch 037 45 TURPENTINE BROTHERS gritty garage gospel!
snatch 036 45 MURDER BY GUITAR amped up, loud 70´s guitar driven powerpop
snatch 035 LP HIDDEN CHARMS culinariae obscurae blitzkrieg
snatch 034 LP ACKERMANS Run! Run! Run! Striped POWER POP!
snatch 033 45 BASEBALL FURIES "Lost Ones" - Smashin´warriors.
snatch 032 45 MOJOMATICS "Nothin about Nothin" - dancefloor blues
snatch 031 10" MIGHTY GO_GO PLAYER deathcult sex war.
snatch 030 LP/CD GHETTO WAYS naked soul, raw power rock! Solid Brown!
snatch 029 LP REAL LOSERS UK punk rock record of the decade
snatch 028 LP/CD MOJOMATICS "black roots punk music"
snatch 027 LP/CD FEVERS 2nd album by power pop addicts
snatch 026 LP VON ZIPPERS the teutonic trashmen proclaim "The Crime Is Now!"
snatch 025 LP/CD GHETTO WAYS this is it. damaged ghetto soultrash sensation..
snatch 024 LP MINDS more dangerously catchy and bouncy seventies sugartrash!
snatch 023 CD BBQ Mark Sultan of KING KHAN & BBQ & LES SEXAREENOS, SPACESHITS solo album
snatch 022 45 LEG HOUNDS more hits from the hit-makers!
snatch 021 45 MINDS "TOP OF THE POPS" of the northwest punk charts
snatch 020 LP/CD KIDNAPPERS Louder than ever, hooky as fuck, and faster than upbeat
snatch 019 LP LOCOMOTIONS  electrified shakin´retard garagesque rock and roll
snatch 018 10 RIFF RANDELLS  Joan Jett/Nikki Corvette daughters dating the Ramones.
snatch 017 LP/CD DEMONICS 3rd brandnew Album "Ritual on the Beach" ... Surf´s Up, mofos!
snatch 015 LP MIGHTY IONS the kings of wrestling rocknroll from 1980 with members of THE JABBERS
snatch 014 45 TRASH BRATS American Disaster Vinyl! Bonus song! GLAM ROCKN´N`ROLL LEGENDS
snatch 013 45 TEENAGE REJECTS  second 45 of the " Teentrash Series", six razorblade attacks!
snatch 012 45 LEG HOUNDS  wisconsin DEVIL DOGS
snatch 011 LP HOT POCKETS CLASSIC! best Dutch band of the ´90s
snatch 010 LP CALIFORNIA AIN'T FUN NO MORE  that CA comp that matters
snatch 009 45 JEWWS  universally loved space city garage punkers!
snatch 008 10 DIRTSHAKES rawactionroll bumper attack!
snatch 007 10 YUM YUMS  Hall of Fame - Europe´s leading power pop stars!!
snatch 006 45 KAMIKAZES They are flying over you right now.
snatch 005 LP AUTOMATICS Snottish attitude and dynamite pop hooks- P-U-N-K !!
snatch 004 EP HIGHSCHOOL ROCKERS The new teen sensation will blow you away !
snatch 003 10" ODDBALLS`BAND mean r & b punk  
snatch 002 LP DEMONICS Formaledehyde Injection, this is a hi octane dragpunk classic
snatch 001 LP JOHNNIES Hands down, the  Boston heros are rock gods