s/t LP

new band featuring long year close friends Yusuke Okada (SUSPICIOUS BEASTS) and Jeff Burke (RADIOACTIVITY, MARKED MEN) both on guitar and vocals. Started in Japan in 2011 as a practice space recording project grew to power pop explosion and punk experimenta.

Both are incredible musicians with enormous creativity and songwriting output. Overall the multitude of outcomes we adore their artistic earnestness - so we´re more than proud to release the debut LOST BALLOONS record! We got it literally shipped the day before they had their first show ever - trivia fact is that also RADIOACTIVITY had their first tour in Europe after we put their debut 7" out.
Hands down, Jeff Burke is blessed with killer songwriting, paired up with his undeniable breathtaking voice he´s relentlessly winning in our game. Garage aficionado Yusuke reflects the luminous amplification, the new flourishes to stretch the already perfect formula and good potion of nuttiness and open shoelaces. It derives to an album full of hyperactive hymns to acoustic pop hits and some dips of psychedelia and square synths. C’mon - this is a melodic hit collection and if it ain´t in you top ten of 2015 it´ll hit it next year. Yes, we plan rerelease this album in 2045 as a seven double A-Side 7" box due to popular demand. For now, the 180g vinyl on clear vinyl with a cardboard inner sleeve should heighten your demand. All artwork original hand drawn by Yusuke Okada.