LOVE BOAT "Love Is Gone" LP/CD

Your boyfriend is gone and you need a new haircut? Hm, how about starting with the new soundtrack by these Sardegna beach party boys?! More R&B chipmunk pop craziness and additional acoustic/electric guitar challenges! Out of nothing, the debut album "Imaginary Beatings of Love" was a total success, still gaining fans all over the globe. No wonder, LOVE BOAT records can be filed near a STRANGE BOYS or DEAD GHOSTS record, but any listener would point out the distinctive LOVE BOAT song in the jukebox. The live experience is a hurricane of toilet power pop and orchestral harmonies forcing everyone to join singing & dancing.

They successful dodge the blow of 1-2-3 pop punk or nose-picking nueva wavo populaire, the key to happiness at ALIEN SNATCH! is another cut. Pick one of our favorite singer & songwriter references as MARK SULTAN (cap on), FEVER B (beanie on) or GINO WASHINGTON (guess toupee on), catch some 70´s bubblegum cats of OHIO KATZ' EXPRESS (long curly hair, maybe with dead insects) and circle them with a domestic mountain village cemetery choir (buzz cut). Make them sing and amplify them with an insane power plant. Get an original knife (Sardinia,TM) and carve out some catholic boys of the fireballed corpses. Bowl cut and sailor outfits! LOVE BOAT is born! So that´s the lesson to run a record label. First, work at the coal mine. Behind LOVE BOAT is nobody else as infamous masterminds Andrea (voc ac. gt), Claudio (gt, voc) and Stefano (dr,voc). Those lo-riders play or set up any relevant show and festival on the island. If you toured there, you know it. Well, rumors say that they operate a transfer business of young girls and pianos back and forth to the presidential yacht. So far so good, but in order to cover recording costs, snapshots been offered to any intelligence service back in Cagliari. After two years full of boat transfers, double agents waterboarding the boys entered the OUTSIDE INSIDE STUDIO. Emanuele Baratto (MOVIE STAR JUNKIES, VERMILLION SANDS) recorded that baby and more important - locked them in for three days. "Love is Gone" captures all the pulsating excitement and fun for the next party! To all evolution scientists out there, it still may take decades until LOVE BOAT grow up. But attention girls, if you take the boys home, you may notice tiny T-REX/SLADE chest hair popping out! The LP is 180g and runs on hi-fi 45 RPM and the CD is sleeved in a nice digi pack. There is a limited 100 color vinyl mailorder only edition in blue vinyl. We at ALIEN SNATCH! are certain that you'll enjoy this very enjoyable boating trip. No photos allowed. No leftovers at the beach. Expect LOVE BOAT rides in Europe during March/April 2011. See below for tour dates.

LOVE BOAT "Imaginary Beatings of Love" LP/CD

DEBUT ALBUM! MOST DANCEABLE ALBUM ON ALIEN SNATCH! EVER! This band has has as many hits as holes in the pants! These three guys from Cagliari, Sardinia are staffed with one electric guitar, one acoustic guitar and minmal drum kit and a lot of singing! Sardinia ensures a pretty decent life where you go freewheelin´ and hang around in numerous open sky rocknroll beach bars!

Who issues the statement why we go over the top about those cats? They´re not from the finish tundra but where to look for the origin of this overwhelming 60´s bubblegum harmony hurricane you haven´t heard of a new band since the first FEVERS album. Why? If you followed the label history you know that we´re looking for power pop treasures as other running around for the lost amber room. As stories go,we don´t re-release old fave bands of the late 70s - we want the bands of NOW! We´re confident to present a good cause to extend your record collection: The LOVE BOAT are teenage fireballs who spin whole beaches into a frenzy with undeniable r & b garage pop. Singer Andrea Pilleri has a schizophrenic wicked confident voice as he was half-raised as a catholic boy in a back from the day monastery, half-raised in a black gospel community granted him to chant out loud songs in such adorable manner. Those boys have the knack to write hits and icing the cake with a wonderful gnarly guitar sound and kicking baby drums. They geared up to enter the OUTSIDE INSIDE studio run by masterminds Matt Bordin (MOJOMATICS) and Emanuele Baratto (MOVIE STAR JUNKIES) who are the paten and producers of this outstanding debut album. Imagine GINO WASHINGTON and MARK SULTAN play tennis and the MONKEES are the ball boys white the costumed EQUALS dance on the stadium seats - sweeping & stomping! Go get a teenage GOLDEN BOYS a trashier GOODNIGHT LOVING, a chipmunk KK & BBQ record - "Imaginary Beatings of Love" is a compilation of twelve originals, one-hit wonders! This is the 2008 R&B surprise and the play any toilet, tube station and swim hall changing room - from Sardinia to Kyoto! LP on 180g heavy vinyl, CD in rough cardboard digipack.